This product does not conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Standards. Please check your local Dept. of Motor Vehicle for regulation in your state.

This product should not be used by persons without excellent vision, balance, coordination, reflex muscle and bone strength and good decision making capabilities. This product should not be used by minors without adult supervision. This product should not be used by persons unwilling or unable to take responsibility for their own actions. The buyer/user of this product assumes ALL RISKS & LIABILITIES associated with its use. BAD DOG ENTERPRISES assumes none of the RISKS OR LIABILITIES associated with the use of this product. To minimize these RISKS, the user must wear safety helmet, goggles, elbow & knee pads and appropriate footwear.

You can depend on the products from BAD DOG ENTERPRISES and the support we give you. From the point you order with us through the shipping process. We will be there with support and information long after you have been enjoying your new mini bike. We sell all of the parts for its mini bikes, and can answer any questions you have about service, maintenance, now and in the future.
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